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I'm not sure if you know the story of two Santas, since it's a very well kept secret that only a few, well, only I know. So, settle down with a cup of hot cocoa and listen to how it came to be that the two Santa brothers ended up standing opposite each other in a frosty, snowy field, supported by their family, friends, elves, and even a couple of chimneys (go figure). When the two Santas attended kindergarten, nobody really noticed there were two of them because they had the same white full beard (I know!) and they didn't like to be in the same room at the same time. They both had a burning desire to become delivery people when they grew up, so they made the same career choices too. The trouble started when the time came to deliver presents at Christmas time. The competition was fierce and their wives were getting tired of the complaints, so the two brothers decided to split the duties and become a CEO Santa and a Secret Santa every year. The Secret Santa mostly delivers to offices and kindergartens, so the job was easier, but the prestige of it was slightly diminished. The bickering, therefore, did not diminish in the least. Misses Santas, being at the end of their rope, saw no other solution but to have a non violent battle every year to decide who's going to be the CEO and who the Secret Santa. And so, every year, the Santas meet at the North Pole soccer field and fight it out. And now that you know about the importance of such an event, you can help them do that. 


The North Pole soccer field measures 12" by 12" and the Santas and their teams are very small indeed, something around 1,5" to barely 2" tall. The chess set comes gift wrapped for easy transport and storage. If kept in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight, you will enjoy it for a few years at least. This particular Christmas gingerbread chess set is the only one that exists in the universe and it will remain so, because it would take a lot of fast talking to make me make another one. Therefore, you have a chance of owning and playing with an absolutely unique item!

Santas go to town (chess set)

  • You can pick up this item at 2224 Oakwood St, Pasadena, CA 91104. We also offer free delivery within 10 miles of the pick up address.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find our product unsatisfactorily in any way, we'll do everything to fix the issue.

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