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The children will love this two story Santa's (doll)house this Christmas! And, provided that it's stored in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight, they can enjoy it for several Christmases to come! The house comes with two gingerbread figures of Santa and his wife and, of course, they also have Rudolf and a sleigh in case they want to travel. Fire can be lit in the two fireplaces (safely) by grabbing Rudolf's or Santa's red nose and lifting the two flaps positioned on the side of the chimney, then lighting the two battery powered candles. Downstairs, Santa has a brown bag he uses to deliver all the presents and there are also some nicely wrapped packages under the Christmas tree and a rocking chair for Santa to sit in. His joints are a little stiff though, so he's going to have a little trouble sitting down. A pretty, spiral staircase takes you upstairs, where there's a beautiful bed with a removable pillow and a blanket so the bed can be neatly made, a bookcase with all of Santa's favorite books and a picture of Rudolf above the fireplace. On the mantel, you can spy a little gingerbread man that Santa is going to have for a snack later. There is a lamp on the bedside table and a stack of letters on the other one (there's two extra letters on the mantel so Santa can take them to his rocking chair with him to read). On the side of the house, there's a mailbox for all the letters Santa gets from children. Beside the candles that light up the fireplaces, there are two more candles illuminating the front of the house, so it looks beautiful from all sides. The front door opens and closes so Santa and Ms Santa can come in and out of the house. The house measures about 12" wide, 10" deep and about 14" tall and comes well wrapped for safe transport and storage.     

Santa's & Ms Santa's (doll)house

  • You can pick up this item at 2224 Oakwood St, Pasadena, CA 91104. We also offer free delivery within 10 miles of the pick up address.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find our product unsatisfactorily in any way, we'll do everything to fix the issue.

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